The validation of the leather held in BJ


February 29 by the Ministry of Commerce, China Marketing Association commodities wholesale market development committee jointly held lighting market construction and operation and management norms "and" the construction and management of the photographic equipment market norms "," cultural goods market building and management standards, "the construction and management of the leather bags market norms" industry standard validation will be held in Beijing on February 29. Has a very important role in promoting the above four industry standards to improve China's construction of the relevant market and the management system, to enhance the service function of the market and guide the healthy and orderly development of the relevant market.
The experts believe that the industry standards for the validation is the pioneering work of the professional market in China, has a positive role in promoting a unified, standardized construction and management of the professional market to promote the development of standardization of the commodity trading market.
Domestic experts validation by the Ministry of Commerce, Miss Zhao Ping, Secretary-General of the commodity trading market expert Steering Committee, chaired experts participating in the validation meetings are: former deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Li Jianzhong, the National Standardization Management Committee review of the Ministry of the original Director Dream China Marketing Association Deputy Secretary-General of the commodity wholesale appointed director Zhu Yongyi. Zhang Jun, Beijing Yongwai City, general manager of cultural goods of Hebei baigou Park Economic Development Council Secretary Zhou Aimin Xing Kui Shandong Linyi Dengjucheng General Manager, Wenzhou, Zhejiang cultural goods market general manager Chen Jinjiang, Managing Beijing Maliandao Photographic Equipment City the segment increased spring and other related industry representatives, validation will be invited to attend.
China Marketing Association Deputy Secretary-General of the commodity wholesale appointed director Zhu Yongyi said the industry standard drafting work, the validation of the four industry standard from research, drafting, approval of the relevant departments to expert validation lasted more than a year, China Marketing Association wholesale Committee To this end a lot of work, and the strong support of the related industries, many industry pundits and market management enterprise, four industry standard in content preparation process to fully consider the enforceability of market management and market subsequent development and changes in need, which is to ensure the application of the standard written, but also has a modest advance of modern management thinking, guarantee covers as recommended industry standards, stability and guidance. To speed up the standard system construction, improve the circulation of commodities, and the progressive realization of the coverage of the national professional market of goods industry standards play a positive role in promoting further standardize national commodity market management, wholesale as in other specialized areas of the market will also normative standard formulation job.